Warm House

The main idea was to create a comfortable “warm” environment for the young family living. The coloristic decisions of the house corresponds to the family's ideas about comfort and family values. The exterior is designed in warm shades and tactile-expressive materials, which are emphasized by graphite elements.

Typology: Private residential house
Location: Tyumen
Customer: Private
Project year: 2019
Status: Project

The house has a L-shaped spatial structure, providing an ideal openness and privacy at the same time, among with creating a complex interior spaces.

The spatial configuration of the house divides the site into two closed perimeters - courtyards. The first - public - forms the entrance group of the house and borders a garage. The facade of the first floor is finished with a smaller-sized wooden battens, creating a feeling of comfort and scale to the person.

The courtyard is more capacious, it is the center of gravity of the house. The volume of the house and the garage are a single unit. They are united along the perimeter of the first floor with a buffer zone - the main hall, from where you can get into the house, the garage and exit to the site. All main rooms have a view or exit to the courtyard.

The first floor is designed for recreation and guest accommodation. It includes all necessary public functions. The second floor consists of private premises - bedrooms, nurseries, auxiliary rooms, an office, as well as a roof equipped for recreation with a lake view.

The starting point for the design process was a simplicity of the concept along with the search for vivid accents and economically reasonable solutions. The main materials of the house were selected: clinker tiles, copper panels and seam roof, which forms the racy appearance of the house, and over time looks more noble and are not demanding in operation.

By trimming the plan in the field of public spaces on the first floor, was created a bevel on the inner facade. It allows to emphasize the main accent of the exterior - copper panels used from the side of the courtyard. This technique contributes to the play of light and shadow, making the facade more plastic and the entire volume - more expressive.

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