Urban Villa #1

That project is a response to a crowded and chaotic urban environment. So the dwelling designed as a protected personal space.

A small site but a big feature. The task is to design a functional house of 1,220 m2 on a site of 1,400 m2.

Typology: Private residential house
Location: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, Tsimlyanskoe lake
Customer: Private
Project year: 2015
Status: Project

The customers are two friends who own the adjacent areas in the city. They wanted to build two separate houses next to each other. The architecture of the houses is completely different, but they are united by the idea of a comfortable modern living, with the creation of an individual environment.

The courtyard has a terrace which unites all areas of the house, an extensive lawn and a relaxation area with a mini-garden that is distant from public rooms and allows to have some rest and privacy.

The house consists of several volumes, which are formed by certain characteristics of the rooms. The volumes transform a spatial structure of the house and form patios creating different levels of privacy and communication between the environment and the house facilities.

One of the objectives was a creation of a closed private space — the courtyard. The site is encircled by houses closing the inner space with a strict symmetrical facade from prying eyes.

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