Scandinavian House

A residential house in Patrusheva village, one of the oldest suburbs of Tyumen. The site locates in a residential area with a moderate landscape. The house concept was born as a consequence of emotional perception of a living space and a desire to create a positive ambiance for a young family life and rest outside the city.

Typology: Private residential house
Location: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, Patrusheva village
Customer: Private
Project year: 2016
Status: Project

In the result of components analysis, we defined some aspects which later influenced the character of a site development. The residential house represents itself an energy effective one-storey volume of archetypal form, made of ecologically clean materials.

The constructive solution is a wooden carcass filled with ecological heat insulation material of basalt fiber, a siding made of a natural wood and metal. A simple volume and modern materials saturate the house with a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic.

The house is a spatial structure consisting of several volumes, divided into functional zones: a public area, a residential part, a technical part (garage, storage, workshop).

The total area is 300 m2 and takes into account the interests of the whole family. The volumes are joined together by the roof and outdoor patios. Those parts create the walls of the house, hedges and landscaping elements.

There is also a Russian bath volume at the site which is a part of the architectural ensemble, too. The complex performed in the same concept and includes a minimal set of relaxation spaces. Some parts of the facade are implemented as screens filled with the firewoods. It indicates a functional purpose of the room and marks an ecological concept of a residential site.

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