Reconstruction of the Printing House of the Beginning of 20th Century

The project area locates in the center of Tyumen, surrounded by architectural monuments. The project suggests a reconstruction of a historical complex to adapt the building to the modern conditions, esthetic rehabilitation and renovation of an adjacent area of a cultural heritage.

The complex consists of three buildings. Two of them are the objects of a cultural heritage. Those are administrative trade and manufacturing buildings erected in the beginning of 20th century. They were used as stores of Tyumen merchants. In 1920, after the nationalization of private property, the buildings were transferred for establishing Tyumen printing house and served as a Tyumen polygraphic base till the end of 20th century.

Typology: Office building. Reconstruction
Location: Tyumen region,
Tyumen, 11 Pervomayskaya street
Customer: Private
Project year: 2016
Status: at the implementation stage

Despite that the objects are located on one of the most vibrant streets, they have never been exploited for a long time. Today the condition of the objects is far from perfect. The original look of historical buildings was lost because of the changes in window apertures and doorways. The facade composition was damaged, the masonry was partly destroyed.

The project proposes a restoration of original architectural solutions and historical features of the buildings saving a charm of architectural monuments. The third building constructed in the Soviet period and not considered to have a cultural value, on the contrary, will receive a new look and create itself a background for architectural landmarks.

Formation principles of an architectural solution for the new buildings’ facades were accepted under the influence of a surrounding historical landscape. We increased the height of window apertures and changed a finishing material to a rusted metal created in the artificial environment. It has a fixed period of aging process which imitates a historical material. Dark composite with an anti-vandal surface underlines a status of historical heritage.

The project plans to return a trading function to the buildings and to fill all neighboring houses with stores and offices, to make the areas open and interacting with each other as much as possible.

The concept of the inner yard space is aimed at the integration of historical environment with modern architect solutions. The renovation concept provides a creation of the modern environment for surrounding architectural monuments. They support a historical status of the area and respond to the today’s demands of a comfortable business environment. The yard is filled with relaxing zones and modern architectural forms.

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