Landform House

The start point of this residential house’s design was a sloped site — the house was planned as a dialogue between architecture and landscape.

Typology: Private residential house
Location: Tyumen region
Customer: Private
Project year: 2011
Status: Implemented

Approaching to the house’s entrance will make you feel a small dynamic volume. But when you enter the hall there is a real sense of space. Two-storey hall, numerous translucent apertures create an impression about house’s structure.

Internal space extends along two stretched volumes highlighting different functions and levels of privacy. The house faces the area and represents an elaborate space spatial structure which creates a comfortable and quality accommodation for several generations.

A typical forest environment and nearness to nature have prompted the idea of a facade design. The house is “wrapped” by a wooden bar that allows fitting a surrounding background. The roof made of a high-quality metal is combined with a warm wooden facade that complements the image and makes it more dynamic.

The panoramic roof windows “flowing” over the walls of the house, create a maximum light and visually dissect an extended monolithic flat of the roof, making composition stops.

The core idea of the house is an untraditional planning structure — the main entrance is on the second floor and it leads right to the bedroom. But this feature doesn’t make a private space — children’s wing is separated from the common hall by a personal one. It allows creating a private ambiance.

The space of the main bedroom was solved according to the same principle. The ceiling’s height is variable which enriches an inner space of the house.

Фасад, обращённый на участок, оснащен витражами на всю высоту и ширину помещений, представляя собой светопрозрачный «экран», который зрительно стирает границы между помещениями дома и окружающей средой.

При организации пространства участка максимально сохранен ландшафт и озеленение.

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